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Downhole Sand Control

23 August 2018 by Mr. Michael Casper Gunningham

“After 30 years in the oil and gas industry, I am still amazed that sand, proppant and other associated solids are still causing us so many problems. Downhole sand control…

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Sedimentology from Introduction
to Application

17 May 2018 by Mr. Hossam El Fouly

From the point of view of somebody who has worked in oil and gas business for about four decade, it was a cumulative mistake to depend mainly on geology, geophysics,…

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Field Instruments & Smart transmitters

08 May 2018 by Dr. Rodney Jacobs

Instruments form the backbone of just about every organisation around the world, that does process control. These devices are used to measure a number of process variables. These could include…

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Applied Reservoir Engineering
& Management

03 May 2018 by Prof. Mahmoud Abu El Ela Mohamed Aly

From the perspective of somebody who has worked in the oil and gas business for more than 20 years, reservoir management (starting from a development plan, implementing the plan, monitoring…

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Value Loop

25 April 2018 by Mr. Michael Casper Gunningham

After working in the oil and gas business for o ver 30 years, it’s good to see that something as useful as the Value Loop, is finally being embedded into…

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Combustion and Heat Transfer for Refinery Operations

18 April 2018 by Engr. Euler Jimenez G.

Assisting oil refinery and production facility personnel in the operation of crude or residue fired heaters, during more than three decades, has allowed our specialist to establish some basic conclusions…

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