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The Olefins and Polyolefins Industry in 2019

By: Robert Parry

Global consumption of plastics and new applications have been the main demand driver of the petrochemical industry. Even in 2018, plastics continued to take center stage for the world’s petrochemical…

Petro News

If you don’t invest in your talent, how can you expect them to shine?

The Importance of Training and Development in the Oil and Gas Industry

28 February 2019

Those of us in the Oil & Gas industry can rightly agree that organisations are operating in extremely tough economic times; oil prices are low, and business uncertainty is high….

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The Four Musts for Every TEAM LEADER to Build Credibility

29 October 2018 by Mr. Tom Boyle

In his bestselling book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ Stephen Covey describes four core principles of credibility: Integrity Intent Capability Results When you are credible, others have confidence…

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Downhole Sand Control

23 August 2018 by Mr. Michael Casper Gunningham

“After 30 years in the oil and gas industry, I am still amazed that sand, proppant and other associated solids are still causing us so many problems. Downhole sand control…

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Sedimentology from Introduction
to Application

17 May 2018 by Mr. Hossam El Fouly

From the point of view of somebody who has worked in oil and gas business for about four decade, it was a cumulative mistake to depend mainly on geology, geophysics,…

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Field Instruments & Smart transmitters

08 May 2018 by Dr. Rodney Jacobs

Instruments form the backbone of just about every organisation around the world, that does process control. These devices are used to measure a number of process variables. These could include…

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