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Is Project Governance to Blame for Failed Projects?

A recent paper at the PMI Global Congress1 reports a growing trend for project governance to be the root cause of many project failures. But is this fair? And what…

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Managing Emotions and Evaluating Credibility

Dr. Paul Ekman is one of the worlds leading psychologists in the study of emotion.  He was named by the American Psychological Association one of the 100 most influential psychologists…

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Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and the Supply Chain

Paul Wright

For two decades China has been the engine of the world economy.  The consequences of this have been great for China – and the world.  500 million Chinese citizens have…

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Asset Corrosion Management for the Hydrocarbon Industry

Why doing this training course is so highly recommended?

Authored by Dr. Ali Morshed | 03 September 2019

The advent of the corrosion management concept could be traced back to the UK’s North Sea Offshore Hydrocarbon Industry in early 2000’s. Since then the concept itself has been evolving…

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Automated Gauging and Metering
for Oil Stockpiles

Prof. Radmila Stoiljkovic

30 July 2019   The loss control covers a wide range of different activities and knowledge that are needed to obtain a correct estimate of actual losses, to identify the…

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The Olefins and Polyolefins Industry in 2019

By: Robert Parry

Global consumption of plastics and new applications have been the main demand driver of the petrochemical industry. Even in 2018, plastics continued to take center stage for the world’s petrochemical…

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