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Delivering Fast-Track Projects in an Ever-Accelerating World

11 January 2018 by Mr. Mike Shuttleworth

Have you noticed how everything seems to be getting faster and faster these days? Twenty years ago, when email was still a bit of a novelty, documents were transmitted by fax or post as a matter of course, and people would get in their cars and drive to meetings on the other side of town. Back then, the average time taken to review an engineering document, agree and incorporate changes, and re-issue the revised document, was around eight weeks. These days it is considered normal to complete the full review cycle in half that time. So, what has changed?

For one thing, computers have got a lot faster, and internet speeds have increased a thousand-fold. Having a dial-up modem capable of transmitting data at 56 Kilobytes/second in 1998 was considered pretty fast, but in 2018 we complain if we don’t have a broadband connection capable of transmitting data at 50 – 100 Megabytes/second. But, just because computers and communication systems have got a lot faster, that doesn’t mean everything else can be done at the same breakneck speed. Improved speed of communication and computing aside, materials still need to be procured, parts need to be fabricated, modules assembled, systems tested and, most importantly, integrity needs to be assured to higher safety standards than ever before.

Petroknowledge has developed a 5 Day intensive training course titled Delivering Fast-Track Projects Successfully focusing on how projects can be delivered faster, better and safer than ever before.

Delivering fast-track projects is not without risk, and in todays world, where everything is required yesterday, one of the biggest down-sides to fast-track project delivery is the risk of failure to meet the required quality and performance standards. This can have dire consequences for project stakeholders leading, at best, to higher maintenance costs and, at worst, to total system failure, human fatalities and environmental damage.

With deadlines being squeezed every day on every project, what can be done to satisfy the needs of the market without compromising project integrity? Petroknowledge aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to successfully deliver fast-track projects by:

  • Developing an understanding of fast-track project constraints and demands
  • Learning to optimise schedule through prioritisation of scope, resources, design and technology
  • Recognising the key project deliverables and activities critical to the success of fast-track projects
  • Understanding how to apply proven fast-track project estimating and scheduling techniques
  • Learning to identify and manage the risks associated with fast-track projects
  • Establishing essential fast-track project control methods and procedures

  To find out more about this new PetroKnowledge  training course and how to register to the upcoming session, as well as our other 2018 scheduled training programmes, contact us here.

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