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Combustion and Heat Transfer for Refinery Operations

18 April 2018 by Engr. Euler Jimenez G.

Assisting oil refinery and production facility personnel in the operation of crude or residue fired heaters, during more than three decades, has allowed our specialist to establish some basic conclusions…

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PetroKnowledge is Key to Optimising the Knowledge Development of the Oil & Gas Industry

05 April 2018 by PetroKnowledge Team

The Middle East holds an estimated of 65% of the world’s oil reserves, according to OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin of 2017, and those reserves form the backbone of the majority…

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Subsurface Production Operations and Artificial Lift Technologies

14 December 2017 by Prof. Mahmoud Aly

From the perspective of somebody who has worked in the oil and gas business for more than 20 years, subsurface production operations (stimulation operations) and artificial lift technologies are important…

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Coordination of High Risk Activities in Oil & Gas Marine Terminals

07 December 2017 by Dr. Mike Ivanovic

Efficient functioning of Oil & Gas Marine Terminals requires very careful planning and full coordination of all activities of various parties involved. Surveys of reported accidents that had taken place…

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The Underestimated Human Factor in Maintenance

23 November 2017 by Mr. Diederik van Leeuwen, MSc.

The renowned safety management & safety culture specialist Trevor Kletz once said: ‘To say accidents are due to human failing is like saying falls are due to gravity. It is…

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5 Best Practices in LPG Cargo Operations

09 November 2017 by Capt. Quentin Cox

LPG Cargo Operations may be comparatively straightforward if the number of cargo types carried is small, for example, only propane and butane. Even then, there is a tendency to neglect…

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