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Troubleshooting Process Operation – Supported by the Principles of Operational Excellence

16 October 2017 by Herman Ellis

Effective Troubleshooting and Problem Solving are skills that are essential to complex modern industrial processes and industries. An improved understanding of the nature of the process and of the numerous…

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5 Essential Tips in Crude Oil Tanker Operations

05 October 2017 by Capt. Quentin Cox

Commercial success in the crude oil trade depends not only on strict adherence to existing legislation but best practice which protect the commercial interests of the ship owner. Whilst the…

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Core Team Competencies – What Are They?

20 September 2017 by John Smart

Before we look at characteristics and competencies of good teams, it’s worth considering what makes a bad team.  In Paul Lencioni’s book: ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ (2002), he…

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LPG Cargo Operations – Stay Ahead of the Competition!

13 September 2017 by Capt. Quentin Cox

Whilst the majority of LPG transported in ocean-going tankers are cargoes of butane and propane, the industry incorporates a great deal of cargo supporting the manufacturing industry.  Trading in cargoes…

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5 Important Considerations when Dealing with Control Valves

07 September 2017 by Dr. Rodney Jacobs

1. Flow Conditions inside a Control Valve It is important to understand that there is a dynamic system inside a control valve. As the valve opens or closes, there will…

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5 Key Qualities of a Competent Supervisor

31 August 2017 by John Smart

The term ‘Supervisor’ is a generic title and can be applied across many roles within an organisation.  These may sometimes take the form of: Team Lead, Shift Lead, Process Lead,…

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