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Scenario Planning as Your Step into a Strategic Position in the Oil and Gas Industry

21 December 2017 by Mr. Paul de Ruijter

Whether you are planning for your company or for your personal career, the art is to think one step ahead. To position yourself, your unit or your company strategically, your focus should be on tomorrows challenges rather than yesterday’s problems.  The scenario planning in oil and gas training course will give you the tools to explore the uncertain future of the industry and help you plan for it. As one participant said it: “Before the course my focus was on solving yesterday’s problems and others were dominating my agenda. This course has helped me to get on top of things, work proactively and be seen as a strategic player.”. The skills that you will gain in this course, from trend analyses, scenario thinking, real option evaluation through to dynamic road mapping will help you and your company to become more proactive and more strategic.

The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving. External developments in technology, (geo)politics, society and the economy will have their influence directly in your operations and your business cases. But it takes time and efforts to see the links between uncertain external developments on one side and internal strategies and decision making on the other side. Those who can see and understand the links between the long term external trends and the internal practical challenges are scarce. It requires a helicopter view, business acumen and diplomatic people skills. But those who “have it”, quickly help their company and themselves rise to the top.

Having worked for the global scenario and strategy department for one of the largest oil and gas company in the world, I have experienced this first hand. Scenario planners can see around the next corner. They are always one step ahead. And because of this, they are invited to the important strategic conversations inside and outside their company. And just because they are invited to these strategic conversations, they get to know first what is happening next. It is self-reinforcing. Insiders know more and therefor hear more. 

The scenario planning course will not only teach you the new skills. It will provide you with the latest insights what is going to happen in the industry and will connect you to other strategic thinkers in the industry. You will hear the latest trends and scenarios from Shell, BP and the IEA and you will get connected to the other participants who have strategically chosen to invest in themselves and become be part of the elite group scenario thinkers around the world.

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