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The worldwide, diverse & multi-disciplined Petroleum Industry owes its very existence to an expert understanding of the subsurface geology.

PetroKnowledge's Geology, Seismology & Petrophysics training courses have been holistically designed to offer an overview of the exploration and development process to expert level comprehensive, interactive courses on  applied biostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, the identification of seismic sequences, clastic reservoir characterization and  a detailed understanding of rift systems and basin analysis.

Honing personal skills with the necessary varied technical requirements and development of the intuitive knowledge of the prospect generating explorationist are the objectives of these training courses. They will be supported by many worldwide case study examples of the typical success and sometimes failures which occur in the challenging but also fascinating hunt for commercial hydrocarbons that underpins this whole industry.

For the complete list of Geology, Seismology & Petrophysics Training Courses offered by PetroKnowledge, please browse below:

Course & Seminar List
Petroleum Geology for Non-Geologists
Reservoir Quality Analysis of Sandstone & Carbonate Rock-Types
Water Flooding Management
Digitalisation for Oil & Gas
Fluvial Sedimentation:Principles and Application
Provenance and Diagenetic Studies of Sandstone Reservoirs
Seismic Interpretation & Basin Analysis of Rift Basin Systems
Uncertainties & Geostatistics for Subsurface Managers
Wireline Operations and Techniques
Advanced Well Log Interpretation
Applied Biostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy in Oil Exploration & Development
Applied Reservoir Engineering & Management
Basic Cased Hole Logging Tools
Clastic Reservoir Characterization and Sequence Stratigraphy
Coring and Conventional Core Analysis
Fundamentals of Exploration & Production
Fundamentals of Formation Evaluation
Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
Integrated Formation Evaluation in Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs
Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterization
Open and Cased Hole Log Interpretation
Petroleum Geology from A to Z
Petrophysical Properties: Core, Log and Test Data Integration
Reservoir Characterization
Sedimentology: From Introduction to Application
Shallow and Deep Marine Sedimentation: Principles and Application
Stratigraphy: Sequence, Seismic & Integrated Stratigraphic Analysis
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