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Instrumentation, Automation
& Process Control

Training Courses & Seminars

Our Instrumentation, Automation & Process Control training courses and seminars focus on the improvement of technical physical skills and decision-making capabilities on specialty topics such as  Control Valves and Actuators, Wi-Fi Solutions to Instrumentation & Control, Field Instruments & SMART Transmitters, as well as Fiscal Flow Measurement. These training courses, presented by highly-qualified experts, adhere to relevant and up-to-date international standards and technology, aiming to equip delegates with a competitive edge in the field.

For the complete list of Instrumentation, Automation & Process Control Training Courses offered by PetroKnowledge, please browse below:

Course & Seminar List
Field Instruments & SMART Transmitters
Fiscal Metering Systems
Modern Wi-Fi Solutions to Instrumentation and Control
Process Burner Fundamentals
Process Control Cyber-Security
Process Flare Fundamentals
Process Measurement, Instrumentation & Process Control
A Complete Guide to Instrumentation for Non-Instrumentation People
Dynamic Positioning (DP) Familiarization for Maritime and Offshore Oil and Gas Professionals
Energy Isolation
Flow Assurance
Hot Tapping and Plugging in Petroleum Industries
Instrumentation & Field Instruments Servicing
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