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Process Engineering

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Process Engineering covers a wide range of disciplines from chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, waste treatment, alternative fuels, nuclear materials, power & energy generation. In addition, it further encompasses process hazard analysis, PHA, Process safety Management, safety instrument systems, incident investigation, CHEMCAD, plants and facilities management, Crude oil treatment, Gas Plant Process Equipment, Process Plants and their monitoring, Gas processing, chemical reaction, separation techniques, distillation technology, Fired process heaters among others.  These training courses, seminars and workshops will support delegates to acquire profound understanding of fundamentals, concepts, models and principles of process engineering

For the complete list of Piping and Pipeline Engineering Training courses offered by PetroKnowledge, please browse below:

Course & Seminar List
Understanding and Preventing Process Equipment Failures
Amine Gas Sweetening & Sulphur Recovery
Crude Oil Treatments
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
Process Burner Fundamentals
Process Control Cyber-Security
Process Flare Fundamentals
Process Measurement, Instrumentation & Process Control
Process Plant Optimisation & Energy Conservation
Process Plant Optimization Technology and Continual Improvement
Refinery Shutdown & Turnaround
Topside Processing Systems
Safety in Process Equipment Design & Operation
The Complete Tribology Course: Friction, Wear and Lubrication
World-Class Digital (Intelligent) Oilfields Implementation
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