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Quality Management

Training Courses & Seminars

PetroKnowledge Training courses, seminars, & workshops on Quality Management have been developed specifically to assist professionals in understanding, addressing and assessing the quality issues facing many organisations.

The training courses cover the practice of Quality Management and its constituent aspects of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement, as well as relevant International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), associated auditing practice and process. Including specific case studies and expert guidance from leading figures in the field, these courses are a must for everyone concerned about Quality.

For the complete list of Quality Management Training Courses offered by PetroKnowledge, please browse below:

Course & Seminar List
Business Improvement and Quality Techniques
Concrete Quality Control on Hot Climate
Reservoir Quality Analysis of Sandstone & Carbonate Rock-Types
Upstream Petroleum Contracts,Accounting, Auditing Policies and Procedures
Analytical and Auditing Skills
Auditing Oil & Gas Industry Quality Management Systems
Understanding, Developing & Maintaining Oil & Gas Industry Quality Management Systems
Better Energy Management with Transition Engineering
Construction Quality Control On Site
ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems
ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 - General Requirements for the Competence of Testing & Calibration of Laboratories
Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection
Management Systems Auditor Training
Oil & Gas Industry Quality Management System Auditor / Lead Auditor Training
Project Commissioning: A Practical Approach
Project Quality Management Workshop
QMS Audit and IFRS for Oil & Gas Industry
Quality Control & Quality Assurance in Concrete & Steel Structure Projects
Safety Audit & Site Inspection
Transition to ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System
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