PetroKnowledge is Key to Optimising the Knowledge Development of the Oil & Gas Industry

05 April 2018 by PetroKnowledge Team

The Middle East holds an estimated of 65% of the world’s oil reserves, according to OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin of 2017, and those reserves form the backbone of the majority of the Middle East’s economy.

The development of this sector is vital for the continued growth of the Middle East, and companies involved in the oil and gas industry need to ensure that they are aware of the latest training and development programmes to meet and advance their training needs

PetroKnowledge has researched and studied the changes and developments in the global oil and gas industry and has ensured that all training programmes address these needs. This week in Dubai (01 – 12 April 2018) PetroKnowledge is conducting Petroleum Refining- Production Planning, Scheduling and Yield Optimization, a training course which enhances delegates practical understanding of refinery operations as well as the terminology and economics of refining.

Like all PetroKnowledge training courses, this training is designed to provide a detailed overview of major refining processes and commonly encountered production planning and scheduling issues that occur in petroleum refineries – and how to identify and resolve them.

The training is conducted over 2-weeks and consists of two modules. For delegates interested in this course? You can register now for module two.

Module One: Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries
Module Two: Refinery Process Yields Optimisation

 If you are interested in attending this PetroKnowledge training course on alternative dates, or venues please click HERE.

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