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Press Releases

NEW! Decommissioning, Plugging &
Abandonment Training Courses

Abu, Dhabi – UAE (October 16, 2018) Decommissioning, well plugging and abandonment are fundamental operations structured at different project management, supply chain, regulatory and stakeholder levels. Oil, Gas and Petrochemical…

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Public Relations Under Pressure in the Energy Sector

Abu Dhabi, UAE (July 19, 2018)  – With fossil fuels bearing the brunt of blame for greenhouse gas emissions and the volatility of oil prices, Public Relation professionals are under…

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PetroKnowledge introduces New Training Course on Advanced Energy Finance Analytics

Houston – Texas, USA (May 24, 2018) — Corporations involved in the energy sector need executives who understand the extreme volatility of global energy markets and how to manage the…

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Valves & Actuators Technology

Abu Dhabi, UAE (May 17, 2018) – When it comes to valve sizing, the valve coefficient plays a very important role. This is defined as the number of United States…

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PetroKnowledge International Codes & Standards Training Courses

PetroKnowledge Team

Abu, Dhabi – UAE (May 10, 2018) With the vast and in-depth coverage of the Oil & Gas and Petroleum Industry, it is essential that International Codes and Standards are…

Press Releases

Inflow and Outflow

26 April 2018 by Mr. Michael Casper Gunningham

I have been working as a Production Technologist for over 30 years and when you look an oil and gas well you start with the inflow and outflow performance – …

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