Advanced Seismic Interpretation using Petrel

Mr. Filippo Spadavecchia

Abu Dhabi – UAE (March 22, 2018) “The challenges that our industry is facing are indeed difficult, I have worked in the Field and in the office as a Geophysicist for more than 12 years. I have seen the significant changes throughout this time. We must adapt to these challenges, as we have always done.  We must continue to become smarter and more efficient as a result. As it relates to geophysics, integrated, well communicated, and properly articulated geophysics can be a great enabler in the future, and will clearly increase value for their teams. All geoscientists need to put their work, analysis, interpretation, and suggestions in terms of the business value it creates for the asset. This is the language that should be used today.” Mr. Filippo Spadavecchia, Geophysicist & Subject Expert

The complexity of non-conventional reservoirs like, Carbonate reservoirs, heavy oil and shale gas, present specific challenges. Production potential is difficult to assess. My proposal is a unique combination of processing, modeling, and visualization techniques to simulate the heterogeneities of these reservoirs.

The workflows increasingly being utilized may necessitate more local expertise; for example: shale gas/oil specialists, micro seismic specialists, heavy oil specialists, frontier basin specialists, processing/inversion specialists. A successful asset team will require the geophysicist to work closely and collaborate with geologists, reservoir engineers and drilling/completion engineers, plus economists to enhance oil recovery.

PetroKnowledge have designed the Advanced Seismic Interpretation using Petrel training course scheduled to run from 07 – 11 May 2018  in Houston TX – USA. The training course will help professionals to gain a solid understanding of the applications and role of the seismic interpreter in studies that involve post-stack seismic attributes, AVO, seismic sequence stratigraphy, seismic geomorphology, 4D time-lapse seismic, Vertical Seismic Profile and Interpretative processing.

Furthermore, the course focuses on powerful Team-integration-decision-making tools and incorporates practical hands-on sessions that help industry Geoscientist to develop solid understanding of the latest applications and role of the seismic interpreters in conventional and non-conventional reservoirs for their own organizations.

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