Inflow and Outflow

26 April 2018 by Mr. Michael Casper Gunningham

I have been working as a Production Technologist for over 30 years and when you look an oil and gas well you start with the inflow and outflow performance –  how do the hydrocarbons flow from the reservoir to the bottom of the well, and then how do they flow up the well to surface. It is the fundamental basis from which the rest of the well is designed, constructed, operated and maintained. It requires understanding the reservoir, what the properties of the oil and gas are, how can you get them efficiently out of the reservoir and then up the well to surface. How can you optimise your well, to that it produces safely for a sustained period of time, in a cost-effective manner?

Nowadays, well performance simulators can simplify the mathematics and calculations, so that you can run multiple simulations to generate a whole range of opportunities. However, do you know if the results are sensible? Garbage in, garbage out. That’s why experienced engineers do back of the envelope calculations to see if the models are producing reliable results. For new engineers, it allows them to understand and feel how sensitive the well reacts to changes in pressure, rate or physical properties of the fluids. This inherent understanding of the well, allows us to streamline the whole optimisation process, rather than being a slave to the computer. It’s what makes a person become an engineer.

PetroKnowledge have designed a Production Technology course that focuses on the fundamentals of inflow, outflow and the other important components of Production Technology, which will allow you to apply them in your company, to improve well integrity, optimise well production and injection and deliver more value to your business.

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