Managing Tanker Cargo Operations

Abu Dhabi – UAE (April 05, 2018) The movement of liquid hydrocarbons and chemicals is an expensive business and it is therefore critical that the operation is conducted in a manner that optimizes all of the assets utilized in accomplishing it. The operation is complex and multi-faceted. As such each part of the operation should have at least an understanding of what the other elements do such that the most efficient use of resources is achieved.

Cargo management is necessary to ensure that cargo is delivered on specific and the discharged quantity is a close as possible to that loaded. The vessel selected is the most appropriate size and also provides the facilities required to maintain the cargo in good condition.

The Safety of the personnel, assets and the environment is critical to ensuring good crew morale, no regulatory infringements are caused, no fines incurred and no loss of reputation generated. All of these are important to maintain operational integrity.

Safety Management Systems are a statutory requirement for all merchant vessels. Making sure that they remain fit for purpose is ultimately the responsibility of the senior company executives, up to and including the Managing Director. It is therefore essential that these senior people have complete faith in the capability of their staff to manage the operations correctly as any failure may ultimately rest with them if it is demonstrated that they were negligent in the capability of their personnel

PetroKnowledge has designed the Managing Tanker Cargo Operations training course that focuses on the types and selection of bulk liquid vessels, hazards associated with cargo and all elements of tanker cargo operations and management. The training incorporates practical exercises that will help professionals to develop and master the management skills required to build and maintain the safety and operational systems needed for their own organisations.

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