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Abu, Dhabi – UAE (May 10, 2018) With the vast and in-depth coverage of the Oil & Gas and Petroleum Industry, it is essential that International Codes and Standards are in place to preserve uniform operational practices across all organisations worldwide. In line with this, many international organisations have published several inspection codes and standards.

In order for Oil & Gas professionals to remain abreast in the innovations in technology and with the new & revised inspection methodologies and best practices, PetroKnowledge is pleased to offer:

  • American Petroleum Institute – API Inspection Codes
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineering- ASME
  • International Safety Management – ISM
  • Quality Management Systems – QMS
  • International Organisation for Standardisation – ISO
  • International Ship & Port Facility Security – ISPS

These training courses focus on the understanding of the code objectives, intents, stated and implied requirements, as well as the mandatory, recommended and optional stipulations. The training courses also aim to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare the participants before taking the required examinations and certifications.

Our suite of International Codes and Standards training courses mainly include the API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code, API 521 Pressure Relieving and De-Pressuring Systems, API 653 Tank Inspection Code, API 570 Piping Inspection Code and API 653 Tank Inspection, Repair Alteration & Reconstruction. This selection also features general mechanical codes, standards and specifications including API 571, API 572, API 576, API 577, ASME Section V, ASME Section IX, ISO, QMS, ISM & ISPS.

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PetroKnowledge is the leading Oil and Gas training and Consultancy Company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, and with offices in Aberdeen and Houston. PetroKnowledge works with over 500 international business, in order to deliver technical training courses that help Oil and Gas professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as being kept up-to-date with the latest methodologies and technologies in the Oil and Gas market.

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