Business Process Management

An Intensive 3-day Training Course

Business Process Management

How to Thrive During the Economic Downturn

Business Process Management

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Why Choose this Training Course?

The purpose of this training course is to provide clarity on how to manage and redesign Business Processes during an Economic Downturn, through the application of world-class Business Process management. It will therefore cover top level management issues such as developing a focused Business Process strategy that is congruent with the company’s business and marketing strategies. To this will be added understanding and practice of key Business Process techniques to enable delivery of the strategy.

Business Processes are the core source of organisation ‘transformation’ and therefore a key area of competitive advantage; the purpose of this course is to explain and appreciate what it is fundamentally about and provide clear direction on how to improve during an economic downturn.

This Business Process Management training course will:

  • Outline how to achieve Business Process excellence by design during an economic downturn
  • Provide a clear definition of what Business Process strategy is and its place within the company
  • Stimulate an awareness of the characteristics of Business Process systems and the various approaches that may be adopted in their design
  • Equip individuals with an appreciation of techniques and technologies available for the control of Business Processes during an economic Downturn
  • Provide an insight to both conventional quality control and modern approaches to quality management based upon the principles of continuous improvement and quality systems

What are the Goals?

During an Economic Downturn the aim of any industrial, service, public sector or retail operation is to deliver goods and services of the quality, quantity, cost and availability that will satisfy the customers' needs while at the same time making most effective use of resources. This can only be achieved by giving attention to the design of products, processes and work for employees, and through the competent planning and control of Business Processes.

This module will introduce the fundamental principles of Business Process Management which addresses these issues. As such, it is intended to assist in the management of the firm (industrial, service, public sector or retail) at the micro level of the economy.

At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Understand what Business Process Management is and what it is fundamentally about; especially the potential opportunities available during an economic downturn
  • Explain what Business Process Management strategy is
  • Be able to define value in Business Process design terms
  • Have knowledge regarding appropriate capacity ratios and measures
  • Use those frameworks and techniques presented to develop Business Process Management strategies, design, plan and control manufacturing and service environments – and therefore provide opportunities to thrive during an economic Downturn

Who is this Training Course for?

This training course facilitates the transfer of knowledge regarding Business Process Management – specifically how to thrive during an Economic Downturn. It combines technical theory ‘book smarts’ with real like experience ‘street smarts’. It is applicable for all levels and functions within a company.

This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Operations Management, Logistics, and Supply Chain Professionals
  • Those who need to develop their limited understanding about Operations Excellence
  • Those who are looking for business gains and benefits from managing their operations more effectively
  • Leaders and managers responsible for working through others to achieve company goals

How will this Training Course be Presented?

Teaching media will be a series of lectures supplemented by participative and action learning employing videos and video discussions, syndicate-based case studies, analysis of scenarios and small group exercises. All participants, when requested, will prepare individual notes on a case or exercise for discussion in class. The study package includes the seminar manual (textbook style) lecture slides and video-based links. This Business Process Management course also incorporates an introduction to appropriate and useful on-line materials.

Daily Agenda

Day One
Business and Process Management Strategy during an Economic Downturn
  • Principles of Business Operations Performance
  • The Evolution of Business Process Management
  • Business Process Capacity Decisions
  • Forms of Business Process Design
  • Designing Internal Business Process
  • Business Processes Management Simulation
Day Two
Business Process Management Design during an Economic Downturn
  • Products and Services / The Concept of Value during an Economic Downturn
  • Managing the Design Process
  • Business Process Reviews and Value Analysis
  • Technology Transfer - the Components of Technology Transfer and a model for change
Business Process Management Control
  • Control Theory and Planning Levels
  • Scheduling and Sequencing / Purchasing and Inventory Theory
  • Materials and Enterprise Resources Management
  • Lean Operations and Agility / Supply Chain Simulation - Economic Downturns
Day Three
Business Process Management Improvement during an Economic Downturn
  • Definitions of Quality and Quality Systems
  • Responsibility and Organization for Quality - Supplier/Customer Relationship
  • Measuring Quality - Statistical Process Control and 6 Sigma
  • Quality Management Programmes and Quality Awards
Business Process Management Implementation
  • The Business Process Function: some common misconceptions
  • Formulation of a Business Process Strategy / Structured Approaches to Formulating Business Process Strategy
  • Performance Objectives Revisited / Strategic Edge in Business Process
  • Ethical dimensions? / Making It All Work during an Economic Downturn


  • On successful completion of this Training Course / Online Training Course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate / E-Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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