The Complete Tribology Course : Friction, Wear and Lubrication

An Intensive 5-day Training Course

The Complete Tribology Course :
Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Maintaining Equipment Service Life and Mitigating Their Operation Costs

The Complete Tribology Course : Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Scheduled Dates


29 Jul - 02 Aug 2024 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
11 - 15 Nov 2024 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
17 - 21 Feb 2025 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
16 - 20 Jun 2025 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
28 Jul - 01 Aug 2025 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
10 - 14 Nov 2025 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
17 - 21 Nov 2025 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT


12 - 16 Aug 2024 Online $3,950 RESERVE A SEAT
23 - 27 Sep 2024 Online $3,950 RESERVE A SEAT
20 - 24 Jan 2025 Online $3,950 RESERVE A SEAT

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Why Choose this Training Course?

This PetroKnowledge complete course on “Tribology: Friction, Wear and Lubrication” provides fundamental and advanced knowledge into this important topic. Tribology is the technology of friction, wear and lubrication and it has very important role on all equipment used in industry. Mitigating thermal stresses, washing out equipment wear debris and dirt, protection against friction, wear and corrosion are amongst main functions of lubrication. However, to ensure meeting those functions, most suitable lubricants must be chosen and correct procedures for testing and assessing their characteristics shall be adopted.

This PetroKnowledge training course will feature:

  • Appreciation of materials behavior and fundamental properties
  • Comprehensive and cost-effective understanding of maintenance engineering
  • Theoretical knowledge of friction, wear and lubrication in an industrial context
  • Oil lubricants properties and performance evaluation
  • Practical skills in choosing and implementing most suitable lubrication systems

What are the Goals?

By the end of this PetroKnowledge training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand equipment failures and maintenance strategies
  • Evaluate current status of their process plant equipment
  • Choose the right lubricants for their equipment
  • Implement cost effective condition monitoring program
  • Outline and adopt best practices for mitigating equipment failures

Who is this Training Course for?

This training course is important for professionals, engineers and technicians who work on wide variety of industries.

This PetroKnowledge training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Process plant operation professionals
  • Production professionals
  • Chemical and process engineers
  • Maintenance and services engineers
  • Technicians who deal with maintenance activities
  • Process plant supervisors and managers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Oil & Gas professionals

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This PetroKnowledge training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes delegate focused formal lectures combined with informal discussion periods and workshop sessions. The key elements of the training course will be explained through practical case studies drawn from best industrial practice supported by purposely-prepared short video clips.

Daily Agenda

Day One: Introduction and Background
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Process Plant Equipment Classification
  • Why Equipment do Fail?
  • Effects of Design, Operation and Maintenance on Business
  • Bathtub Interval and Remaining Life Calculations
  • The Role of Lubrication, Types and Factor of Safety
  • Practical Examples
Day Two: The Tribological System
  • Tribology Importance, Surfaces and Wetting of Solid Surfaces
  • Kinetic and Static Friction
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Sliding and Rolling Friction
  • Friction Regimes: Friction and Lubrication Conditions
  • Solid Friction (Dry Friction) and Fluid Film Friction
  • Practical exercises and case studies
Day Three: Wear and Tribological Materials
  • Materials Fundamental Properties
  • Wear Mechanisms
  • Types of Wear
  • Adhesion Mechanisms
  • Abrasion and Surface Fatigue
  • Factors Affects Wear Severity
  • Practical Case Studies
Day Four: Lubricants and Tribological Materials
  • Lubrication Theory and Fundamentals
  • Lubricants Selection Criteria
  • Lubricant Storage and Management
  • Stress and Strain in Materials
  • Practical Exercises and Case Studies
Day Five: Practical Applications and Recommendations
  • Gear Lubricants for Industrial Gears
  • Lubricants for Rolling and Bearings
  • Machine Tool Lubrication
  • Steam and Gas Turbine Oils
  • Lubrication of Compressors and Pumps
  • Engine Oil Test
  • Course Review and Closure


  • On successful completion of this Training Course / Online Training Course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate / E-Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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