Total Quality Management

An Intensive 3-Day Training Course

Total Quality Management

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Why Choose this Training Course?

Why Choose this Training Seminar?

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a customer-oriented philosophy that ensures all members strive to achieve improvement of the organization through ongoing participation of all employees. Organizations adopting TQM often work out their own definitions, so that the general model is relevant and clear to their management and employees. This training seminar is designed to provide you with an understanding of TQM principles in order to incorporate them into your organization’s framework. It is essential for supervisors and managers who are responsible for facilitating continuous improvement in their organization

TQM is a management approach to long-term success through customer satisfaction. This training seminar will assist you how to use a combination of strategy, data, and effective communication to integrate quality into all aspects of your organization.

This seminar will highlight the three aspects of TQM:

  • Counting Tools - techniques, and training for solving quality problems
  • Customers Quality - for the customer as a driving force and central concern
  • Culture Shared - values and beliefs, expressed by leaders to support quality

What are the Goals?

What are the Goals?

TQM = “Do the right things right the first time, every time”

Total Quality Management means that the organization's culture is defined by and supports the constant attainment of customer satisfaction through an integrated system of tools, techniques, and training. This involves the continuous improvement of organizational processes, resulting in high quality products and services.

The primary purpose of this training seminar is to equip employees from all types of businesses with the basic body of knowledge of TQM and introduce them to some of the soft components and methods and techniques for the improvement of quality and overall operational performance. Objectives include:

  • Increase the total client satisfaction through quality products and services
  • Continuous improvements to processes, systems, people, products, and services
“Improved quality leads to improved productivity”

At the end of this training seminar, you will learn to:

  • The history of Total Quality
  • Use the Deming Philosophy
  • How to increase your customer satisfaction
  • How to use PDSA Cycle
  • How to lead quality process

Who is this Training Course for?

Who is this Training Seminar for?

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors/team leaders and
  • All who are working towards customer’s satisfaction development in product or services

How will this Training Course be Presented?

How will this Training Seminar be Presented?

A combination of class lectures, case studies or examples and group discussion. The latest educational methods and strategies are employed. The training seminar is designed to maximize delegate participation. This gives participants the opportunity to discuss with other delegates and the presenter their specific problems and appropriate solutions. All delegates take away a manual of all the material presented.

  • Case Study (1) - Your customer’s Requirements
  • Case Study (2) - Making Connections

Participants to this seminar will receive a thorough training on the subjects covered by the seminar outline with the Tutor utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques.

Daily Agenda

Day One: Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Introduction to Quality
  • History of Total Quality
  • Three Quality Gurus
  • Commonality of Themes of Quality Gurus
  • The Deming Philosophy “Seven Deadly Diseases”
  • Five Approaches of Defining Quality
  • System Approach for TQM
  • Triangle of wisdom
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Indicators for Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost of Quality
  • Benefits of TQM
  • The Continuous Improvement Process
  • Sustainable development of TQM
  • PDSA Cycle
  • Obstacles to achieving TQM


Day Two: Quality Leadership

  • Leadership & Management
  • Power Sources of the Leaders
  • Leadership Importance
  • The 5 Management Functions
  • Leadership Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Plan & Planning
  • Leadership Styles
  • Old & New Styles of Leadership
  • Creative Leadership
  • Communication Channels
  • Communication Cycle
  • 3 Components of Communication
  • Effective Communication
  • Body Language
  • Sandwich Technique
  • Effective listening
  • The negative listening habits


Day Three: Quality Strategic Management

  • Who is Responsible?
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ideal Planning Model
  • What to include in Strategic Plan?
  • Strategic Planning Model: ABCDE
  • 3 Levels of Strategy
  • Steps of Goal Setting
  • Examples of Goals & Objectives
  • Action Plans
  • Tools for Putting Strategy into Action
  • Business Strategy & Strategy Types
  • A Strategic-Management Model
  • Basis for Customer Segmentation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • SMART Goals
  • GANNT & PERT Chart
  • PEST Analysis
  • Porter's Five Forces
  • Internal Analysis: 4 perspectives
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Four Ps - Root cause analysis



  • On successful completion of this training course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate will be awarded to the delegates

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