Sustaining Profitable Growth in a Changing Global Business

The oil, gas and petrochemical industry is undergoing a period of profound change in every dimension.  Responding to the fundamental changes in industry structure, technology, economics and government policies is a major challenge at all levels of management. 

Against this background, experienced specialists in oil, gas and petrochemical business who need to reconsider development trends and adapt their approach as leaders and managers to the new challenges that they face.  To achieve this objective, 5 elements should be considered.

First, we undertake a re-appraisal of current thinking and best practice in leadership, with specific reference to these industries.  Making in-depth use of case material, we consider the major challenges faced by managers in the three sectors.

Second, we focus on the structure and development trends in the three industries. Based on rigorous analysis of industry data, we identify the main factors that will influence the way in which this business will develop and we offer a long-range view of the likely outcome and future prospects.

Third, the focus now moves to an understanding of the requirements of strategic thinking and planning for these industries.  Strategic management is about creating tomorrow’s organisation out of today’s organisation and in the case of oil, gas and petrochemicals this involves a detailed understanding of business in a global context.

Fourth, we focus on the role of risk analysis.  We need to develop the skills needed to identify risk and deal with it effectively.  This will be based predominantly on case examples demonstrating the effective application of the alternative techniques available to managers and the way in which they can create a risk-aware culture in their teams.

Fifth, we study in detail the management challenge of deepening the abilities of your team in strategic thinking and planning.  The best strategic plan is of limited value unless it is executed effectively.  Therefore we look in detail at the challenge of implementation – converting planning into action.  Our focus is on creating a plan that provides the best chance of success in a rapidly changing business environment.

If you are responsible for planning and operating in oil, gas and petrochemicals, PetroKnowledge’s training course on Leadership & Strategic Thinking in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Industry will make a major difference to your approach.  It is designed as a highly participative and interactive training course, with a clear emphasis on leadership and action that is built on a robust strategic platform.  It is led by a tutor with extensive experience in this business; it is challenging and fast-paced; and it will familiarise you with leading-edge thinking that is directly relevant to your activities as a manager.

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