Intensive 2-Week Training Courses

Intensive 2-Week
Training Courses

In this dynamic oil and gas industry, organisations and professionals alike are looking for resourceful ways to gain advanced knowledge and acquire multiple skills in order to be more globally-competitive and internationally recognized . There is now a pressing need for individuals to have multifaceted perspectives and expertise in order to fully understand how the industry operates and progresses.

As a proactive response to this vital requirement, PetroKnowledge offers a spectrum of essential 2-week training courses and seminars aimed at providing delegates a wider range of understanding and capability in the different fields surrounding the oil and gas industry. This extensive selection of training courses links our most popular subject areas such as The 10-Day Training Course on International Oil & Gas Business Management, Oil and Gas: Markets, Trading, Pricing and Economic Framework, The 10-Day Advanced Project Economics & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Professionals, Financial Modelling and Petroleum Project Economics, Certificate in Global Oil and Gas Management, among others - with modules carefully designed and strategically combined to offer an irresistible package of learning.

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