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Petrochemical and Chemical EngineeringTraining Courses

The broad range of applications for petrochemicals, plastics and polymers spans across several industries, from cars, electronics, medicine, sports, fashion, biomedical, building, energy industry and more. From trivial plastics to high range sophisticated materials used in artificial body parts, and medical devices Petrochemicals have changed our lives. The complexity and diversity of the Petrochemicals business is growing at a phenomenal pace. However global petrochemical markets are being shaken and redefined by significant developments, including the industry’s environmental burden, volatile crude oil prices and the shale gas revolution as well as changes in other upstream feedstock markets.

PetroKnowledge training courses serve as an ideal entry point into these industries, from learning how raw materials such as natural gas, naphtha, coal, and crude oil are converted to finished products to appreciating how in an existing refinery the integration of petrochemical production is very important to expanding the hydrocarbon value chain by fully utilizing synergistic processes and refinery streams, thus reducing crude oil price risk, and improving profitability.The below portfolio of Petrochemicals training courses offers essential insights into the commercial and technical aspects of the industry, including feedstocks and derivatives, considering recent events. The courses are designed to equip delegates with the necessary skills and understanding to navigate these markets successfully and have been designed to enable participants to learn more about the value of petrochemicals and the success factors that can improve financial performance.

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