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PR & Corporate CommunicationsTraining Courses

Global oil, gas and petrochemical producers and delivery companies are extremely sensitive to global events and marketplace changes, which require public relations, communications & reputation management to help navigate this sector. In addition to maintaining a public image, PR and Corporate Communications professionals shape brand awareness, communicate public benefits, and raise awareness of Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industry products and services. They are crucial in building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and there publics be it customers, potential investors and partners, employees.

With a complete outlook and designed in consultation with leading industry experts, PetroKnowledge PR and Corporate Communications in Oil and Gas Training courses cover topics such crisis & reputation management, consumer marketing, public relations, media relations be it social or online media, managing political risks, effective government relations, corporate social responsibility, and, we produce captivating programs that provide the right audiences and stakeholders with the right information to drive overall success.

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