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The design, construction, operation, inspection, maintenance and effective management of an oil and gas tanks & terminals is essential for a successful bulk storage tank business. The processing, transporting, storing of crude oil, refined petroleum products, chemicals and petrochemicals in tank farms & terminals, necessitates that tank farm operating companies manage their stocks with extreme accuracy.

Significant volumes of high value liquids are stored, loaded and offloaded in bulk quantities, resulting in a large transfer of high value, which makes it imperative for tank farm & terminal operators to do so in an efficient and safe manner. Custody transfers of partner and commingled stock, from various sources coupled with a variety of blending complexities makes it imperative for tank farm & terminals operators to manage their inventory efficiently, in order to maximize their return on investment.

The training courses offered by Petroknowledge have been designed to achieve the above objectives and follow closely industry standards including those laid down by the American Petroleum Industry. These include but not limited to Tank Farm Operations and Performance, Oil and Gas Marine Terminals, Dynamics of Petroleum Depot Operations, Storage Tank Design, Construction & Maintenance, Storage Tank Design Construction & Maintenance.

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