Applied Reservoir Engineering
& Management

03 May 2018 by Prof. Mahmoud Abu El Ela Mohamed Aly

From the perspective of somebody who has worked in the oil and gas business for more than 20 years, reservoir management (starting from a development plan, implementing the plan, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the reservoir) requires knowledge of the reservoir that should be gained through an integrated data acquisition and analysis program.


Data analysis
program requires a great deal of  effort, scrutiny and innovation. The key steps are:

  1. Plan and organize
  2. Collect and analyze
  3. Integrate and store

This approach addresses a general framework of optimizing the data analysis process.

Reservoir management is an on-going, dynamic process of collecting, analyzing, validating, and integrating reservoir description data and performance data into an optimal reservoir development and depletion plan. Reservoir management not only involves the drawing of a field exploitation plan, but also the implementation of a wide and systemic strategy that considers the following elements:

  1. Knowledge of the reservoirs that are being produced
  2. Technology available that helps improve management
  3. People with sufficient skills and engaged in reservoir management
  4. Management environment to assess the impact of social, economic and regulations factor on reservoir management process

When these elements are integrated, decisions can be made and strategy developed for achieving managements goals. The goals of reservoir managements are to maximize profitability and economical recovery of hydrocarbons.

PetroKnowledge have designed an Applied Reservoir Engineering & Management training course that discusses the analysis of the reservoir data that can be determined from various disciplines. This course shows how this data can be integrated to obtain better reservoir description and summarizes the use of this information in the reservoir management process. Several case studies including guidelines, approaches and procedures will be presented for development plans of several waterflooding and EOR projects.

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