Human Resources Development and Administration  for the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors

An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Human Resources Development and Administration
for the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors

Human Resources Development and Administration for the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors

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Why Choose this Training Course?

This conference event is designed specifically to recognise the vital role in the area of Human Resource Development (HRD) and Administration in the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors. It is designed for professional and administration staff who wish to develop their professional skills and knowledge in HRD and Administration in these important sectors.

This conference event is backed by a body of knowledge collected from training professionals and real-life examples from successful organisations across the globe and provides for a unique training conference designed for those in HRD functions. This conference event offers a very practical, hands training, which will be delivered by an internationally recognised instructor in this area.

This conference event will highlight:

  • The purpose and principles of training needs analysis
  • Learning needs in the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors
  • Talent management and succession planning concepts
  • Techniques to transform the training activity in the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors
  • Best practices from other leading companies and sectors

What are the Goals?

At the end of this conference event participants will be able to:

  • Describe the training cycle and its application in the modern HRD department (knowledge)
  • Discuss the limitations and advantages of a competency based approach to training (comprehension)
  • Calculate a training cost benefit and/or a training return on investment (ROI) (application)
  • Differentiate between HRD, training, learning and talent management (analysis)
  • Design an outline utilising Blooms taxonomy for educational objectives (synthesis)
  • Defend training decisions based on cost-benefit analysis (evaluation)

Who is this Training Course for?

This conference event is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Senior Technical Managers and Executives in the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors
  • Training Professionals
  • Administration Managers and Officers
  • Accounting Managers and Finance Personnel
  • Professionals in management support roles
  • Those who wish to develop their abilities and skills

How will this Training Course be Presented?

Dynamic presentations support each of the topics together with interactive trainer lead sessions of discussion. There will also be practical sessions where participants have the opportunity to practice and experience some HR related activities. Role-plays, case studies, DVD’s, small group work, exercises, and feedback will be used to facilitate learning.

Daily Agenda

Day One: The Role and Function of HRD in the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors
  • The strategic context of HRD
  • How does HRD differ in the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors?
  • Roles in HRD
  • Aligning HRD to meet business objectives
  • Redefining organisational learning for your organisation
  • Essential steps to becoming a learning organisation
Day Two: The Importance of Defining Training Needs
  • Understanding the training cycle and why it matters
  • Introducing Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • The role of competencies in learning & development
  • TNA at corporate, department, team and individual level
  • Awareness of different learning styles and how to provide for them
  • Assessing your personal learning style
Day Three: Evaluating Training and Outcome Metrics
  • How Adults Learn: Andragogy
  • Why clear and measurable learning objectives matter
  • Understanding and applying cost-benefit analysis
  • How to measure training return-on-investment (ROI)
  • What to measure: defining the measurement parameters and metrics
  • Measuring intangible impacts: cultural, social, other
Day Four: Managing the Training Function & Career Development
  • Differentiating succession management & talent management
  • Training budget planning and formulation
  • Internal Vs external training provision
  • Training administration issues
  • Career development issues in the Petroleum, Gas & Mining Sectors
  • Preparing a personal career SWOT
Day Five: The Business Case for Training, Learning & Development
  • How training fits with performance appraisal
  • Nationalisation issues in training and development
  • Preparing the business case for an investment in training
  • Presenting the business case to key stakeholders
  • Personal action planning
  • Conference Event summary & review


  • On successful completion of this Training Course / Online Training Course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate / E-Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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