Sedimentology from Introduction
to Application

17 May 2018 by Mr. Hossam El Fouly

From the point of view of somebody who has worked in oil and gas business for about four decade, it was a cumulative mistake to depend mainly on geology, geophysics, production and reservoir engineering to estimate accurate reserves, production forecast and to plan for long term drilling campaign as well as estimate possible change during field life from exploration to decommissioning.

Year after year all wor king teams found that understanding and applying sedimentology to their living model could solve many problems behind multiple field production ambiguities and drilling surprises. In today’s globally competitive world we face unprecedented levels of risk and uncertainty on all technical and financial levels. We can make the gap between planned static and dynamic field modeling by putting more weight to sedimentological studies and incorporate its feedback for a better reservoir evaluation.

By doing that we minimize the risk, work more efficiently, be more cost effective and have better plan for all field exploitation stage. The challenge still remains and the real winner in the one planning and applying more efficiently all updated technics among which is the sedimentology and merges them effectively with all other data.

A reservoir either clastic or non-clastic history depend on many factors among which is its depositional environment, facies change, texture and diagenesis which will be all explained using the proper sedimentary tool. The interactive interpretation between seismic logging and petrography is the cornerstone of all facies, zonation and accurate static modeling.  

PetroKnowledge have designed a Sedimentology: From Introduction to Application training course that works on both understanding the reasons behind the importance of sedimentology and how to get the maximum output of it and use it in both static and dynamic modeling for all the geology, geophysics & reservoir engineering teams.

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