API Q2 Implementation and Internal Auditor Training

An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

API Q2 Implementation and Internal Auditor Training

Providing Essential Technical Knowledge and Practical Skills to Become a Competent API Internal Auditor

Scheduled Dates

22 - 26 May 2023 Cairo - Egypt $5,950
27 Nov - 01 Dec 2023 Dubai - UAE $5,950
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Why Choose this Training Course?

Why Choose this Training Course? 

The industry-written specification of API Spec Q2 standard applies to critical activities such as well construction, intervention, production, abandonment, well servicing, equipment repair and maintenance, and inspection activities. API Spec Q2 certified organizations will have a QMS that controls all operational processes, provides consistent results, manages change effectively, continually improves, reduces operational downtime, and increases customer satisfaction.

API Spec. Q2 was developed to address quality management systems for the service supply organizations for the upstream petroleum and natural gas industries. The API Spec. Q2 Implementation and Internal Auditor Course is a  5-day course that takes a comprehensive look into Q2’s requirements and interpretations and provides an in-depth understanding of the internal Auditing function.

This training course will highlight:

  • Q2’s layout and terminology / definitions / abbreviations, as well as their application
  • The “process approach” to quality management
  • Quality objectives
  • Management responsibility
  • Competency requirements
  • Management of change (MOC)
  • Internal auditing function

What are the Goals?

What are the Goals? 

At the end of the course, you will learn to:

API Q2, 2nd Edition Specification

  • Industry Applicability of the API Q2 specification.
  • How to apply the Process Approach to identify the organization’s core and support processes.
  • The necessary steps to:
    • Implement a brand new Quality Management System based on API Q2
    • Upgrade an existing Quality Management System from ISO 9001 to API Q2
  • Each of the API Q2 specification’s clause requirements, how to implement each of these clauses in the real world, and how to audit them.
  • The APIQR registration and certification process.

  Internal Auditing Techniques

  • Roles and responsibilities of Internal Auditors
  • How to plan Internal Audits
  • How to execute Internal Audits, through interviews, and review of documentation
  • How to write clear nonconformities and effective Internal Audit reports
  • Following up on nonconformities

Who is this Training Course for?

Who is this Training Course for?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Applicants for APIQR Q2 registration
  • Well-site service providers and/or operators
  • Personnel involved in supplier evaluation activities
  • Oil company personnel involved with specifying equipment requirement
  • Anyone involved in the planning, implementing, maintaining, supervising or auditing of an API SPEC Q2 quality management system
  • Existing internal auditors
  • Employees of any organisation who wish to audit their organisation’s quality management system
  • Trainers, managers or consultants seeking to master a quality management system audit process
  • Expert advisors in quality management

How will this Training Course be Presented?

How will this Training Course be Presented?

 This API Q2 Implementation and Internal Auditor training course will combine presentations with instructor-guided interactive discussions between participants relating to their individual interests. Practical exercises, video material and case studies aiming at stimulating these discussions and providing maximum benefit to the participants will support the formal presentation sessions. Above all, the course leader will make extensive use of case examples and case studies of issues in which he has been personally involved. 

Participants to this training course will receive a thorough training on the subjects covered by the seminar outline with the Tutor utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques.

Organisational Impact

There are clear, competitive advantages for service companies that implement the Q2 standard for their quality management:

Operational – Having a well-structured and formalized approach to quality management improves productivity and reduces waste. Return-on-investment well exceeds implementation costs.

Requirement – Meet oil and gas industry and customer demands. This standard is quickly becoming a requirement for business sales.

Other benefits could include:

  • Reduce costs.
  • Improving operational efficiency, productivity, and product reliability.
  • Customer satisfaction - meet customer requirements.
  • Access to new markets.
  • Increasing market share and sales.
  • Meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Increased environmental benefit.

Personal Impact

Participants will increase their personal knowledge of and performance abilities as follows:

  • Understanding good management practice
  • Passing on best practice knowledge to staff they meet during audits
  • Documenting and presenting to management observations and concerns in a concise manner so that improvement can be ascertained
  • Advising their own organisation in improvement in quality
  • Gaining knowledge of parts of their organisation that they would not normally see, thus offering themselves a greater flexibility to take on responsibilities in a wider range of departments

Daily Agenda

Day One: Background and introduction

  • Background and History of API Q2
  • Quality Management Principles
  • Structure of API Q2, 2nd Edition
  • The Process Approach
  • About APIQR Registration and Certification Program

Day Two: Review of Relevant Clauses

  • Detail overview of Clause 4: Quality Management Systems Requirements
  • Detail overview of Clause 5: Realization of Service and Service-related Product
  • Detail overview of Clause 6: Quality Management System Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement
  • Improvement techniques
  • Management Review of the implementation

Day Three: Audit Planning

  • Internal Auditing Techniques:
  • Principles of Auditing and Auditor Competence
  • Audit Planning and Audit Agenda
  • Document Review
  • Checklists

Day Four: Preparing and performing the Audit (Part 1)

  • Performing the Audit:
  • Opening meeting
  • Audit Performance and Audit Findings
  • Audit Follow Up
  • Keeping your Auditing Skills Sharp

Day Five: Preparing and performing the Audit (Part 2)

  • Review of Non-conformities and Observations
  • Audit Findings and Conclusions
  • Preparation of Internal Audit Report
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Presentation of Audit Report
  • Monitoring and Close-out of Non-conformities



  • On successful completion of this training course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate will be awarded to the delegates

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for a training course?

  • To register online through our website, please click “Enroll Now” on the course page, complete and submit the form. A confirmation e-mail and instructions will be sent to the participant’s e-mail.
  • You may also get in touch with our Registration Team on
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When and how do I arrange payments?

  • Payments can be made in USD or UAE local currency AED (Arab Emirates Dirhams) either by Bank Transfer or by Credit Card. Our Bank Account details will be provided on the invoice.
  • Course fees are payable upon booking unless a valid, authorized Purchase Order is provided and accepted.
  • Invoices will be sent via email/courier to the ID/name and address provided.
  • The course fee shall be settled prior to course start date. Corporate payments with existing payment policy shall be relayed to us in advance.

When should I expect to receive confirmation of registration?

Upon successful registration online, enrolment on the respective training course will be confirmed by Registration Team by e-mail along with the invoice and joining instruction.

Is there a discount for more than one registrant/course?

For corporate fees and group registration, please send your query to info@petroknowledge.com.

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