Building Finishes and Rehabilitation Works

An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Building Finishes
and Rehabilitation Works

Structural Building materials & Rehabilitation Works in Civil Engineering

Building Finishes and Rehabilitation Works

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Why Choose this Training Course?

 This PetroKnowledge training course will provide delegates with latest information and knowledge of modern materials, techniques and practices for designing, constructing, investigating, rehabilitating, maintaining and monitoring concrete structures and buildings. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn proven methods for success in identifying and avoiding costly problems that could lead to failures.

The latest advances in materials and techniques and the current state-of-the-art for concrete will be presented, together with concerns that require consideration when modern materials are used, particularly for the first time, or when they are used in combination. In addition, the latest advances in materials and techniques and the current state-of-the-art will be presented for the rehabilitation of concrete structures.

This PetroKnowledge training course is designed for professionals in the construction industry who are involved in building maintenance and provide execution plan for maintenance and repair for buildings. Moreover, the training course will also benefit those who are involved in preparing maintenance documents & packages, diagnose the reasons of failure, and also the engineers who define and choose the methods of repair. The course contents and analyzed case studies shall enhance the knowledge towards an appropriate preventive maintenance criterion, by recognizing the function of the structure, degradation mechanism, as well as reveal the capability for better determination of the condition Status and estimation of the remaining functional life.

What are the Goals?

 This PetroKnowledge training course is one of a large chain of continuous learning in the civil engineering field and attending this course, the participants will learn to:

  • To establish a clear vision about criteria, behavior and performance of modern materials and rehabilitation approaches.
  • To improve the personal performance effectiveness of participants for diagnosing defects and proposing the appropriate methods for rehabilitation and strengthen.
  • To focus attention in learning about the modern methodology for control the construction quality and managing the construction execution on site with an advanced technique.
  • To reveal innovative construction site supervision techniques to achieve project success.
  • To understand crucial issues affecting project and site performance.

Who is this Training Course for?

This PetroKnowledge training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals from civil as well as construction engineers. It is foreseen that individuals from the following backgrounds will greatly benefit to attend:

  • Site Supervision Engineers
  • Construction engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Structural Design engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Cost Engineers
  • Planners
  • QC/ QA inspectors

How will this Training Course be Presented?

Participants to this PetroKnowledge training course will receive a comprehensive training on the subjects covered by the seminar outline with the Tutor utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Videos and photos will be used for visualization/ illustration, as real case studies shall be analyzed and assessed from both theoretical and practical stand points.

Learned lessons and key features shall be revealed via interactivity among the delegates and  the Tutor. Seminar methodology includes brief theoretical background, material specifications, analysis, diagnoses, assessment, case studies and “What would happen if” exercise.

Organisational Impact

This PetroKnowledge training course to be undertaken as a portion of the organization goals for improving awareness level towards repair and retrofitting methods and for preventive inspection as well as maintenance plan of civil structures. By sending their delegates to attend such training, the organization shall;

  • Enhance the organization quality behavior in general
  • Learning how to improve overall team performance, identifying time, quality management strengths, skills and opportunities for improvement
  • Reduce maintenance cost by enhancing quality control for new projects
  • Focus the attention on inspection and maintenance at desired intervals which are mandatory for all concrete structure, where reliability and durability of structures can be ensured if some care provisions were considered
  • Improve quality by knowing Up to date technology of quality and its practically in real project
  • Improve the organization investments by having a durable structure
  • Improve renovation as well as maintenance costs and quality for RC structure
  • Optimize the value cost for renovation versus project investment.
  • Enhance the organization knowledge towards an appropriate Preventive maintenance criteria

Personal Impact

The participants shall gain information, enhance practice, hone skills and learn up to date to help them in their workplace, roles and career growth. Participants will learn to;

  • Increase knowledge of up to date of material technology and rehabilitation techniques.
  • Increase the skill for maintenance approach, and Prioritize necessary actions; either preventive, or advisory or corrective.
  • Organize their time efficiently, To tackle issues as they rise,
  • Competent to assess structures
  • Capable to define the scope of renovation
  • Able to define the reasonable methods of repair
  • Capable to use advanced materials in renovation

Daily Agenda

Day One: Introduction to Advanced Materials
  • Overview for Technical Specifications for Concrete and Reinforcement
  • Conventional Concrete Materials Limitations and Problems
  • High Strength Concrete and High-Performance Concrete
  • Rubber Concrete
  • Light Weight Concrete
  • Concrete with Fiber
  • Special Constituent Materials and Admixtures
  • Hot Weather for Concreting Processes and precautions.
Day Two: Specification & Quality Control for Materials
  • Total Quality Management System
  • Concrete Quality Control and design mix
  • Standard Test Methods for Fresh and Hardened Special Concretes
  • Standard Test Methods for Reinforcement
  • High Strength Concrete; Durability and structural Improvement
  • Slag (GGBS), Fly Ash, and Silica Fume
  • Corrosion Phenomena in Steel Bars
  • Carbonation Process
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Reinforcement for Concrete
Day Three: Non-Destructive Testing for Concrete & Corrosion protection
  • Comparison between Different Non-destructive Tests
  • Core Test, Rebound Hammer and Ultrasonic Test
  • Loading Test procedures / limitations for Floors
  • Concrete Cover Measurement
  • Non-Traditional Types of Reinforcement Used in Concrete Structures
  • Galvanized and Epoxy Coated Bars
  • Methods of Protection of Steel rebar in Concrete
  • Anodic Inhibitor
  • Cathodic Protection system
Day Four: Building Evaluation & Assessment
  • Building Envelope Inspection Procedures
  • Data collection and Assessment report
  • Visual Inspection Criteria, Methods of Inspection
  • New Techniques & Using Ultrasonic and Infrared for Inspection
  • Concrete Material Deficiencies; Type and extent of distress,
  • Mechanisms of Deterioration & Ageing mechanism
  • Evaluate the Building Risk
  • Case Studies & Workshop for Building Investigation
Day Five: Up-to-date Techniques for Concrete Repair & strengthen
  • Material Types and repair techniques
  • Identifications for Desired Properties & performance requirement for repair system
  • Repair and strengthen method statement and stages
  • Chloride Removal & Shotcrete
  • Strengthening techniques External plate bonding & Structural Jacketing,
  • Strengthen Technique Philosophy by using FRP
  • Determination the condition Status and estimation of the remaining functional life.
  • Case study for strengthen using traditional systems & FRP


  • On successful completion of this Training Course / Online Training Course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate / E-Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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