Process Safety Management – Level 1

An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Process Safety Management - Level 1

Improving Safety Performance

Process Safety Management – Level 1

Scheduled Dates


09 - 13 Sep 2024 London - UK $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
02 - 06 Dec 2024 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
03 - 07 Feb 2025 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
15 - 19 Sep 2025 London - UK $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
08 - 12 Dec 2025 Dubai - UAE $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT


02 - 06 Dec 2024 Online $3,950 RESERVE A SEAT

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Why Choose this Training Course?

If you think Safety is expensive then try an accident. Process incidents create such horrific losses in terms of human life (something that is irreplaceable) and damage to the environment and plant equipment. The disasters at Feyzin in France, Flixborough in England, Seveso in Italy and at Phillips Petroleum in Pasadena, Texas brought to the forefront the need to control industrial activities within a stricter regime. In Europe the resultant controls are through the Seveso III Directive whilst in the USA this is through OSHA’s Process Safety Management CFR 1910.119. The objective of such legislation is the prevention of major-accidents, protection of life, property and the environment.

Process Safety Management requires a high level of expertise for control of hazards. The key provision of Process Safety Management is a careful review of what could go wrong and what safeguards must be implemented to prevent, releases of hazardous chemicals, fires and explosions. This PetroKnowledge Process Safety Management Level-1 training course is the ultimate in as it deals with, not only the systems, but how these systems should be utilised and the hazard protections process necessary.

This Process Safety Management - Level 1 training course will highlight:

  • Process Safety Management standards
  • Management of Change
  • Start Up and Shutdown
  • Furnace operations
  • Types of fire, explosions

What are the Goals?

By the end of this training course, participants will:

  • Appreciate the expertise required to implement Process Safety
  • Understand HAZOP Studies
  • Recognise how Management of Change can fail
  • Understand hazards of confined spaces
  • Evaluate correct procedures for start-up and shutdown
  • Comprehend fire and explosion types

Who is this Training Course for?

Within the organization all personnel are involved in keeping safety as a prime responsibility. The systems will always be present but the effectiveness of the systems depend upon the personnel who work the actual systems.

This Process Safety Management Level-1 training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All supervisors and line management who have assigned responsibilities within the Process Safety Management System
  • Team Leaders and Managers
  • Operations Personnel
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • HSE personnel

How will this Training Course be Presented?

Participants to this PetroKnowledge training course will receive a thorough training on the subjects covered by the training course outline with the Tutor utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Training course methodology include; PowerPoint presentations, case studies and discussions after watching the relative videos, daily quizzes and end of session questions.

Organisational Impact

The organisation that sends personnel to this training course will benefit as the following:

  • Be able to improve their present systems of work
  • Apply new knowledge to improve safety performance
  • Reduce the likelihood of incidents
  • Have the capacity to increase profitability
  • Be able to analyse Management of Change

Personal Impact

Responsibility brings with it accountability and everyone is accountable for actions taken and any failure to take action. Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the foundations of process safety
  • Describe the systems to prevent loss of containment
  • Analyse common risks and controls
  • Understand Furnace operations
  • Appreciate Start Up and Shutdown Hazards
  • Summarise safe entry procedures in confined spaces
  • Create Emergency response strategies

Daily Agenda

Day One: Introducing Process Safety Management 
  • Introduction
  • The difference between Process Safety and Personal Safety
  • Learning from Incidents
  • Process Safety Management standards (Seveso III and OSHA 1910.119)
  • Permit to Work System
  • Safe shift handover
Day Two: Risk Management and Management of Change 
  • Risk Management
  • HAZOP Studies
  • Inherent Safer Design
  • Management of Change
Day Three: Combustion and Confined Space Entry 
  • Furnace operations
  • Firing conditions
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Cleaning
  • Isolating
  • Atmospheric Testing
Day Four: Start Up, Shutdown, Hydrocarbon storage & Types of Fire & Explosions
  • Start Up & Shutdown
  • Storage Depots – Bund Areas
  • Types of Storage – Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Types of Fire & Explosions – VCE, UVCE, BLEVE, Boil Over
Day Five: Fire and Emergency Response
  • Passive and Active Fire Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Review of the Week
  • Evaluation & Post Training Course Assessment


  • On successful completion of this Training Course / Online Training Course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate / E-Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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