Technologias de Cimentacao

An Intensive 4-day Training Course

Technologias de Cimentacao

Technologias de Cimentacao

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16 - 19 Dec 2024 Lisbon - Portugal $4,950 RESERVE A SEAT

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Why Choose this Training Course?

Porque escolher este Curso?

As operacoes de Cimentacao sao criticas para a vida do poco e constituem as fundacoes de qualquer poco de Oleo ou Gas. A integridade o poco sera’ comprometida , se as operacoes de Cimentacao nao forem eficientes e bem conduzidas em cada cimentacao de Casing. Tal como as fundacoes de uma casa, a Cimentacao e’ a base para um bom futuro desempenho do poco.

Este Curso salienta as  areas importantes:

  • Overview of Primary Cementing
  • Cement Placement (Job Execution and Procedures)
  • Cement Calculations
  • Cement Additives and Mud Removal
  • Effective Cement Placement
  • Cement Job Evaluation
  • HSE and Cementing

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What are the Goals?

Quais sao os Objectivos ?

Durante este Curso, os participantes aprenderao:

  • Calculate Volumes of Cement, Mix Water and Additives
  • Understand the critical parameters for any cementing operation
  • Select displacement rates for effective mud removal
  • When to select Two Stage Cementing
  • Select the proper Additives based on Well Conditions
  • Read and perform Interpretation of Cement Bond Logs
  • Understand Special Cement Systems
  • Select Casing Hardware for successful Cementing Operations

Who is this Training Course for?

A quem e’ destinado este Curso ?

Este curso destina-se a uma larga gama de profissionais e beneficiara’, entre outros :

  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Completion Engineers
  • Oil Field Technical Staff

How will this Training Course be Presented?

Como e’ que o Curso e’ apresentado ?

Curso sera’ apresentado usando slides, alguns com animacao, e varios videos sobre os temas relevantes. Um Manual impresso ( em papel ou em forma electronica/ Formato PDF) sera’ distribuido a cada um dos participantes. Os metodos de ensino incluem tambem calculos ( por exemplo volume de cimento liquido, numero de sacos de cimento, volume de agua de mistura,volume dos aditivos, volume de desplacamento, etc). Calculo de todos os parametros de uma cimentacao. Pressoes durante e no final do desplacamento, etc.

Daily Agenda

Dia Um: Introducao ‘as Operacoes de Cimentacao
  • Introducao
  • Cimentacao em uma etapa.
  • Cimentacao em duas etapas.
  • Cimentacao de Liner.
  • Cimentacao em Squeeze.
  • Cabeca de Cimentacao e os diversos tampoes usados.
  • Aguns Calculos de Volumes e Pressoes.
Dia Dois : Planeamento e Execucao de Operacoes de Cimentacao
  • Buoyancy effect on casing
  • Relevant factors that influence the success of any cement job
  • Cement job planning and execution
  • Casing hardware
  • Cement chemistry (focus on class G cement)
  • Compressive strength and permeability
  • Strength retrogression
  • Thixotropic cement slurries
  • The importance of BHCT and BHST
  • Mud removal and the effect of mud contamination on compressive strength
  • Gas migration
Dia Tres : Remocao de Lodo e Colocacao do Cimento
  • Lost circulation
  • Cementing horizontal wells
  • Cement laboratory equipment
  • Rheology and its application in oil well cementing
  • Flow modules and mud removal
  • Spaces and washes
  • Cement placement: turbulent and laminar flow
  • Special cement systems:
  • Engineered particle size cements
  • Salt cementing
  • Thixotropic cement systems
  • Light weight cements
  • Foam cement
  • Permafrost cement
Dia Quatro : Avaliacao da Qualidade da Cimentacao
  • Cement quality evaluation logs (cement bond logs)
  • Overview of sonic and ultrasonic logs
  • Examples of CBL/VDL Log displays and evaluation of cement quality
  • CBL VDL: pros and cons
  • The bond index
  • SCMT: slim cementing mapping tool
  • Ultrasonic tools: USIT
  • Ultrasonic log USIT over sonic log CBL
  • Cement logs summary
  • Examples of CBL/VDL log displays and evaluation of cement quality
  • Major hazards on a cementing operation
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety hazards related to a cementing operation


  • On successful completion of this Training Course / Online Training Course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate / E-Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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