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PetroKnowledge Training courses, seminars, & workshops on Health, Safety, Security and Environment are sharp, to the point and up-to-date on the latest developments in these fields. They cover areas such as accident investigation, crisis management, emergency response, hazards, waste management, international safety management systems, plant safety, marine pollution, maritime security, security risk management, occupational safety, radiation, storage and handling of toxic chemicals, and hazardous materials among others.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment are areas that are not only the prerogative of the HSSE specialists but also one of the component parts in every management discipline. It is vital to appreciate the legal requirements, financial implications and moral duties of Safety, Health and Environment.

The training courses in our portfolio lead by world class consultants will help the participants to put in place performance plans for Safety, Health and Environment as well as the Response Actions plans that are necessary (legally and morally) should an emergency occur.

For the complete list of Health, Safety, Security and Environment Training Courses offered by PetroKnowledge, please browse below:

Course & Seminar List
Advanced Accident Investigation and Reporting
Effective Shift Team Leader
Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution
LNG Plant Safety
Radiation Safety
Storage & Handling of Toxic Chemicals & Hazardous Materials
The Effective Shift Team Leader in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Industries
Advanced Safety Leadership
Auditing Oil & Gas Industry Quality Management Systems
Contractor Safety Management
International Safety Management (ISM) Code Familiarization for Maritime and Offshore Oil and Gas Professionals
Managing Security Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry
Marine Environment Protection
Marine Pollution Management Fundamentals
Rigger Safety: Inspection Rigging Equipment & Hand, Confined Space Safety and Rescue
IMO Model Training Course on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC) Level 2 - Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders
Accident and Injury Prevention for Petroleum Workers
Better Energy Management with Transition Engineering
Construction & Building Envelope Inspection
Construction HSE Hazards
Energy Isolation
Gas Explosion and Other Hazards of LNG Facilities
IMO Model Training Course on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC) Level 1 - First Responders
IMO Model Training Course on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC) Level 3 - Senior Managers and Administrators
ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 - General Requirements for the Competence of Testing & Calibration of Laboratories
LNG Import Terminals
Maritime Security Management & Control As Per ISPS Code
Offshore Safety & Risk Management Systems
OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration Standards
Safety Audit & Site Inspection
Safety in Process Equipment Design & Operation
Strategic Crisis Management, Incorporating Security & Major Emergency Response
Transition to ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System
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