Oil Products Marketing

An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Oil Products Marketing

Learning proven techniques to maximise your
marketing impact in a highly competitive sector

Oil Products Marketing

Scheduled Dates


08 - 12 Jul 2024 London - UK $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT
21 - 25 Oct 2024 London - UK $5,950 RESERVE A SEAT


21 - 25 Oct 2024 Online $3,950 RESERVE A SEAT

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Why Choose this Training Course?

This PetroKnowledge Oil Products Marketing training course will help you to understand how successfully to market oil products in one of the world’s most competitive environments. No matter how experienced an oil marketing executive you may be, the ability to differentiate, promote, market, and sell your products and services is the single attribute that will help to distinguish you in your role.

Learning how to be a better marketer will enable you to progress in your career, while permitting your organisation to gain the maximum benefit from your skills within this technically challenging sector. Simply being able to make effective marketing decisions isn’t just about using the information in front of you. Importantly, it’s about being able to find a commercially viable compromise, often between varied parameters.

This Oil Products Marketing training course will examine:

  • An oil product marketing overview, including key sectors such as retail, commercial aviation, marine, lubricant, bitumen & sulphur, biofuel, pipeline & midstream
  • The issues and challenges associated with marketing oil products
  • Oil product marketing trends – how products are evolving, and how marketers can respond to these new opportunities
  • Devising and implementing a successful commercial marketing strategy
  • The value of effective branding within the oil product marketing sector

What are the Goals?

By the end of this PetroKnowledge Oil Products Marketing training course, participants will learn to:

  • Collate, strategise and roll-out an effective and sustainable oil product marketing plan
  • Have an awareness of the external factors influencing local, regional, national, and international markets
  • Have available a full-featured suite of marketing tools to craft and implement a focused marketing message
  • Derive an understanding of the operation of the sector focused media
  • Capitalise on your understanding of this highly competitive marketplace

Who is this Training Course for?

This Oil Products Marketing training course is designed to benefit a wide range of professionals, including existing and prospective industry marketing personnel, directors and other staff within the sector

In particular, the following will find it invaluable:

  • Existing personnel in the oil product sector, who are looking to migrate to a marketing-related function
  • Experienced marketing staff looking to gain a greater insight into the sector
  • Those new to the oil product industry
  • Staff and personnel involved with pricing and product distribution
  • Staff seeking to understand how micro and macro economics affect their marketing operations

How will this Training Course be Presented?

Delegates will participate in a highly interactive learning environment, gaining practical tools, professional tactics, and key metrics to leverage brand exposure, visibility, awareness, and credibility in this high value marketplace. This Course learning will utilise handouts, flipcharts, questions, and group & individual involvement from participants, as well as the course tutor presenting a series of scenarios and both real-world & theoretical examples.

Organisational Impact

Companies will gain the following from attendance by their delegates:

  • Tools to facilitate the production and roll-out of a target audience centric marketing strategy
  • Practical ways to maximise success by strategic implementation
  • A deep dive into the marketing and economic workings of the sector
  • Ways in which marketing officers, managers and directors can optimally use their qualifications and experience
  • The full use of commercial staff and equipment inventory to leverage your business competitive edge

Personal Impact

Participants will gain:

  • Ways to apply marketing knowledge to your everyday work environment
  • The integration of cross-platform marketing and social media tools with traditional sector-based techniques
  • A leading-edge knowledge of oil product marketing theory and practice
  • A fuller understanding of how economics can influence strategic decision-making within the sector
  • How investment in good PR & media will help build your brand and weather any unexpected crisis
  • Using metrics to determine the best marketing tools to use in any specific product environment

Daily Agenda

Day One: The Oil Product Sector – An Overview of Market Dynamics & Distribution Channels
  • The basics of marketing oil products, including market dynamics and distribution channels
  • Commonly marketed downstream products and the issues & challenges influencing & driving their marketing
  • Defining your message, categorizing your customers segments and analyzing their needs & expectations
  • How can branding make or break your oil product marketing?
  • Upstream versus downstream – the key issues driving each segment
Day Two: Wholesale Marketing in the Oil Product Sector
  • How wholesale sales, distribution channels and reseller sales operate
  • Using the AIDA model in relation to terminal and rack sales
  • Conducting a PESTEL analysis – assessing how your marketplace functions using external observations and feedback
  • Market structures and market dynamics, including regulatory and external factors
  • Distribution channels and their effect upon the marketing mix and profitability
  • Pricing structures and using industry standard tools to define your product positioning
  • Standing out in a crowd – what makes your product unique?
Day Three: Retail Marketing in the Downstream Oil Sector
  • Using retail psychology and buyer behaviour techniques to market products to customers
  • Developing and leveraging your key brand differentiators
  • Why segmentation and positioning are critical to fuel, lubricant and other downstream product successes
  • Porter’s Five Forces in relation to retail oil product marketing
  • Marginal utility and diminishing returns – where profits and how are made in the sector
  • Adding financial benefit via value chain analysis
  • Evaluating the impact of future product developments on your marketing mix
Day Four: Integrating you Marketing Mix Across Multiple Platforms in the Oil Product Sector
  • Integrating your marketing campaign techniques to maximise ROI
  • Crafting and developing your social media platforms to leverage customer reach
  • Maximising your social media metrics across multiple digital platforms
  • Reaching and influencing key accounts, customers and consumers via digital channels
  • Generating clicks and conversions – harvesting your database
  • Developing a fully integrated digital strategy to wrong-foot your competitors
Day Five: Delivering the Future
  • Driving a future-proof marketing strategy that’s fit for purpose
  • Demonstrating and proving value to your board and shareholders
  • Working with ambassadors, pressure groups and thought leaders to present a compelling business offering
  • Leveraging internal comms to refine your brand values
  • Working with internal stakeholders to develop a bulletproof business case, strategic plan and implementation timeline


  • On successful completion of this Training Course / Online Training Course, a PetroKnowledge Certificate / E-Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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