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Natural GasTraining Courses

The abundance and relatively low environmental impact of natural gas means that it is increasingly seen as the hydrocarbon energy source of the future.  PetroKnowledge provides a range of training courses that reflect the increasing importance of natural gas in the international energy mix, and the uniquely complex challenges of natural gas production and commercialisation.

When compared with oil, everything to do with natural gas is complex - both technically and commercially.  The fact that natural gas is difficult to store and transport results in major technical challenges, which in turn mean that commercial, contractual and regulatory issues become complex.

The PetroKnowledge suite of courses address the challenges and opportunity of natural gas.  They equip participants from a wide range of backgrounds – technical, commercial and managerial – to prepare for the increased role of natural gas, and to deal with the uniquely complex issues raised, such as: reduced flaring; enhanced regulation; gas processing and conditioning; natural gas transportation (LNG, FLNG, CNG, GTL); gas pricing; gas contracts and licencing; many others.

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