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Houston TX is the largest city in the Southern U.S. and the fourth most populated city in the nation. With its proximity to the southern hemisphere and having the infrastructure to accommodate the growing needs of numerous global interests, Houston TX has become an international destination and one of the world's great cities.

Houston TX is known worldwide for its energy industry — particularly for oil and natural gas. The Houston area is a leading center for building oilfield equipment and is the beginning or end point of numerous oil, gas, and products pipelines, hence its success as a petrochemical complex.

PetroKnowledge Training Courses & Seminars in Houston, Texas feature topics such as Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management for the Oil & Gas Industry, Forecasting the Prices of Crude-Oil, Natural-Gas and Refined Products, Advanced Energy Finance Analytics, Due Diligence: Appraisal and Management of Potential Investors and Partners, Risk Management for Oil and Gas, Decommissioning of Offshore Installations to name a few, that will help boost your career in the Oil & Gas industry to new heights. These training courses and seminars are designed and developed in accordance to the international standards for learning services to ensure the highest quality of training delivery and facilitation.

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